Sunday, 12 June 2016

A Slow Studio Sale...

As what often happens with artists, at some point one needs to have a studio sale.  And while I don't really have much of a studio to speak of, there is nothing else to call it.  I could use a little space cleared up for new work that is in progress.  So I am going to slowly go through some of the old stuff and one by one offer them at a bit of a discount.  Sale prices do not include any shipping costs.

The first piece up for sale is one I did in 2006.  I have always found it a bit weird, the tree seems kind of flat to me, but the textured background is nice.

Title:  "The End"
Size:  14" x 18"
Regular price:  $202.00
Sale price:  $151.00
Oil on canvas

This piece will be for sale for the next few weeks only.  Please make any inquiries via email...

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